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The film begins with the introduction story of Thirumeni, a priest. Thirumeni goes to a woodland to seize an entity, Perumadan, who misleads the humans after they go astray. To catch it, he searches anywhere until he comes across a beautiful and mysterious wooded area. But all animals, shrubs and plants blink to the monk (Thirumeni) as if they recognize him. In his journey, he finds a ball, which is an anteater (enampechi).

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Size: 600 MB
Language: Hindi + Telugu + Tamil + Kannada + Malayalam
Quality: HDRIP
Initial release: 11 February 2021
Director: Lijo Jose Pellissery
Story Writer: Vinoy Thomas
Screenplay: S. Harish
Music By: Shrirag Sajik
Production companies: Movie Monastery; Chembowski Motion Pictures

He puts it in his basket and puts it on his head to give to his children to play with. After a short walk, the ant speaks, and the happy monk hears it. Having left his way, Anteater offers to guide him on the best path. He overhears the anteater and it is said that he is still wandering. He fails to realize that the anteater he has on his head is the real perumdan/madan (entity).

Two policemen sneak through a forest to arrest a man named Mayiladumprambil Joy on the pretext of digging pits for rubber trees for the owner, Thankan. They are under false names, Shajeevan and Anthony. Both are going towards their destination Churuli in a jeep. They push through difficult terrain while Anthony attempts to make small talk with the rest of the passengers. They cross a bridge with amazing perplexity, at which point the driver and passenger suddenly change their outlandish personalities to be rude to the couple, surprising them.

After the silent jeep trip, the policemen reach a bar in which all the people drink and have fun under one roof. While Anthony, the advanced of the two, is less able to adapt to his unusual surroundings and humans, Shajivan is largely unstable. He struggles to sleep, dreams of strange lights within the sky and the twins wearing unusual lightsabers on their heads as they walk behind him using spirals. He wants to understand Joy as soon as possible in an effort to leave Churuli.

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